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Sports Performance Training

Once a lost student athlete myself, after having graduated high school, gone on to college and never fully utilizing my love and talent for the game of basketball, I vowed I would help student athletes reach their full potential by not only helping them train but also helping them get scholarship offers allowing them to play at a higher level as well as getting a higher education. 

So many things come with training in a sport. Dedication, discipline, willingness to learn and HEART! We want to reinforce and instill the values necessary to become a successful student athlete in today's competitive athletic landscape. We are creating a culture of not just winners but hard workers. HUNGRY individuals that want to become better athletes as well as better people. 

Our goal is to cause an undeniable impact within our community. Sports Performance Training is what we do but it isn't our only contribution. 

Training we offer

  • 1 on 1 Performance Training (All Sports) 

  • Group Training Session

  • Team Training

  • Firefighter/Police PAT Training

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